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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rainbow Loom®?

The Rainbow Loom® is a hand held plastic device used to weave small rubber bands into bracelets and other decorative items.

Who invented it?

An American dad originally created the loom for his daughters. It has received countless awards in the U.S. and become popular all over the world.

Who can use Rainbow Loom®?

The product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Younger children can start with simple designs, progressing to detailed patterns. It is not recommended for children three and under, due to choking hazards and some sharp parts.

Where I can buy Rainbow Loom®?

Kits are now available in Australia at Spotlight Stores in Australia – see and will soon arrive in New Zealand. You can also order online from when stock arrives in mid- December. Other independent retailers will be listed soon on our Where to Buy page:

Where I can get more information?

The Original Rainbow Loom® site is, complimented by the official YouTube site for how-to videos on new designs: For wholesale enquiries please email

How is Rainbow Loom® different to other brands?

There are various copy versions of Rainbow Loom® available. These imitation products:

• are inferior in quality (both bands and loom components)

• may contain latex, lead and other dangerous substances

• may not be safety tested or covered under warranty

• do not feature the patented versatile design of the original loom which allows it to be pulled apart and linked with extra looms for larger or advanced designs

Please ensure you purchase from authorized retailers and websites to ensure you are getting the genuine Rainbow Loom® products.

How to check if the Rainbow Loom® that i have purchased is original?

SPECIAL ALERT: Please be aware that there are many fake/counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products available online and at stores. Some fake products possess the same name as genuine Rainbow Loom® products. These counterfeit products are unsafe for children, have not been tested in accordance with U.S. Toy Safety Standards (may contain lead and other dangerous substances), inferior in quality, and do not come with Rainbow Loom® warranty. Please purchase genuine Rainbow Loom® products from our authorized retailers or at this site.